Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bright morning

The bright morning sun
Comes creeping and peeping
As I take in profound deep breaths
Of the cool sweet air caressing my nostrils
And then I dream and I live
And I feel another cool day.
I stretch out, with a sweet yawn
I look through the window
Viewing the colourful landscape
Watching the birds, joyously sing melodically
And the Fako mountain, in its green,
Gigantically floods its superiority.
And the morning sun generously shines
Pouring its warm caresses on nature
I feel my heart leap with joy
As the morning dew, star-like and angelic
Give its motherly embrace to the leaves.
What a sweet morning,
With the cool wind whispering
Put away all your worries
And enjoy the grandeur of nature

DSM Lobga

1 comment:

  1. Good effort...
    one day you will become a scholar... dont stop your thought process...