Wednesday, 21 March 2012

And the Fako Mountain

And the Fako mountain
Guzzling morning sun,
that comes creeping and peeping
As I take in sweet yawning sniffs
of cool sweet-smelling air,
that cuddles my voracious ducts.
In my reverie, I picture
yet another calm day.
I stretch out; with a sweet yawn
I sip through the window
the vibrant landscape
with nature’s
chastising blissful and harmonious lyrics.
And the Fako Mountain, in its magnificent green,
gigantically floods its majestic superiority,
Protecting the morning sun,
that generously empties its warm caress
on the ever miserly landscape.
I feel my soul leap with joy
as the morning dew, sparkly and angelic,
gives its child-like hug to the greeneries.
Like a mother who won’t let go her child,
the dew-drops cautiously leave the leaves,
to wet the throat of Efasamoto;
and the Fako Mountain will not come sizzling.
What a fragrant sunrise,
With cool wisps of wind that whispers;
and carries away all your worries
as you adore the candour and splendour of nature
With all its wondrous and glorious favours
That you, I and the Fako Mountain, devour
DSM Lobga